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Return & Refunds


Our company is glad to help with returns for products you purchased via Just call +86 150 1674 1010, tell us the problem with your order issue, so we could help you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

NOTE: We only approve returns for products purchased directly from If you purchased a product from other retailers, please contact that retailer regarding your return.

Return & Refund Policy


  1. Order cancellation Period--Customer could cancel the order before shipment.

Customers could cancel the order before the order ship out. After canceling the order, the customer will get a full refund from the original payment account within 2-7 business days.

If customer do not receive a refund after 7 business days, please send us an email, including the order number and original payment method. We will help you to solve this solution by email as soon as possible.

  1. 30 Days Return Period & 36 Month Warranty

 30 Days Return Period

WisToyz offers an exclusive 30-day exchange/refund policy to If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may exchange it or receive a full refund, subject to a Return Authorization from WisToyz. To be eligible for the 30-Day Guarantee, you must request an exchange or refund within 30 days from the date of purchase by emailing

36 Month Warranty Guarantee

We provide the 36 Month Warranty Guarantee for all WisToyz Products.

All of our products are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer for 36 Month Warranty to the original purchaser unless specifically stated otherwise (refer to the complete warranty included with the product for more details). The manufacturer’s warranty covers repair or replacement of defective parts, subject to the conditions set forth.

Not happy for any reason? Please email us at so we better understand how to help your situation.

Return & Exchange

  1. Requirements of Return and Exchange

Return Period: Within 30 days, 36 Month Warranty Warranty Guarantee.

The relevant situation of return and replacement.

Return Policy

1.Customers can only enjoy the return and exchange policy of our website only if they purchase products through our brand products online on our website.

2.If you purchase from the other channels, please contact the service provider of other channels(Amazon/Walmart).

3.The product must be a new condition with original packaging and accessories.

4.After receiving the returning product, if our quality inspection department checks the product cannot be used regularly due to non-human factors. Therefore, we will reship a new one to your shipping address and email you the new tracking number. 

Exchange Policy-12 Month Free Replacement

We provide the 12 Month Free  Replacement for all products purchase from is to say, when the order delivered to your shipping address date starts for a 12-month free replacement.

  1. Note: If the product has the breakdown by non-human factors, Please take a video/photo to prove this problem by email, once we confirm it, we will reship a new device for you. You do not need the return the products.

If you would like to apply for a return, please email us first.

The email should be including below information:

1.Order No.

2.Reasons for return and replacement.

3.Take a video/ photo to prove the product's problem.

Customer service department reply to the customer's email within 24 hours after receiving it to help the customer solve the problem.

Return Process

Ⅰ.Send us an email to inform us of the return:

Customer Service Department will confirm whether the order satisfied the          return or replacement by our return policy.

Ⅱ.If we confirm the order is satisfied with our return policy, we will send you the   return address by email.

Ⅲ.Please return the product as new condition with the original package &      accessories.

Ⅳ.Please email us the return tracking number.

Ⅴ.After the warehouse received the product and returned the product as new condition with the original package & accessories. We will email you that the refund is on processing, and the refund period is about 3-7 business days.

After receiving the returning confirmation email, please return the product within 7 days. Please returning the order with the return reason, order No. and contact information as an attachment in the returned package.

After returned, please email us the returned tracking number, we will process your return, once our warehouse received the returned goods.

Tips: If the customer has not informed of the return tracking number by email in time, the responsibility of the warehouse to refuse the delivered products should be bear by the customer.

If you exchange the goods due to non-human quality problems, we will reship the new products to you within 7 working days after receiving the returned products, and inform the customers of the new tracking number by email in time.

  1. About Return freight fee:

(1) Return shipping cost regularly should pay for by customers situation: 

As the customer does not like the product and the product as a new condition with the original package & accessories, the customer should bear the returned shipping cost.

(2) We are responsible for the return of shipping cost situation:

Ⅰ.If the product is returned due to the inhuman quality problem, the returning shipping cost should regularly pay for by the customer.

Ⅱ.If Quality Inspection checks the received product due to our product quality problem, we will return the shipping cost according to the invoice for the returning shipping cost. The refund and returning shipping cost that we will return to your original payment account.

Not happy for any reason? Please kindly email us at, so we better understand how to help your situation.


Refund Situation

  1. Refund

The product must be new condition with original packaging and accessories. After receiving your return, we can arrange a full refund to your original account (deducting the shipping cost).

  1. Refund Process

After we received the returned products, we will process your return and replacement process for about 7 business days. If Quality Inspection Department checks the products are in new condition and satisfied our return regulations, we will inform you refund processing by email, and the refund will be returned to your original payment account about 2-7 business days.

If you do not receive a refund, what should you do?

If you have not received a refund after 7 business days, please email us the order No. and the original payment method. We will reply to your email within 24 hours to help you solve this problem as soon as possible. 

Not happy for any reason? Please email us at so we better understand how to help your situation.

After-sales Support


Note: For any return application, please email at first. No return or Exchange without prior use is accepted.

Not happy for any reason? Please email us at so we better understand how to help your situation.

About Customs Tax

There might be a tax for goods/services according to the country law. WisToyz will not be responsible for any tax invoice charged on products. Shipping fees are depended on various policies and tax fees applied to each country. For further information and clarity, please contact local customs.

Limitation of Liability
Warranties do not cover misuse, unauthorized modifications, external causes such as acts of nature or shipping hazards, or damage caused by accident, misuse, or abuse of the product. Neither does the warranty cover normal wear and tear, or damage to any non-WisToyz product used in connection with the product.