WisToyz Croco Bubble Machine,High Quality and Safe Material

WisToyz Croco Bubble Machine,High Quality and Safe Material


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Continuous Stream of Bubbles, Lasting Fun
With a powerful yet quiet built-in motor, the bubble machine could output bubbles at a fast speed, ensuring a continuous stream of bubbles. Perfect for both your kids and pets to chase the bubbles around, enjoy the colorful bubbles, and have fun.

WisToyz's Super Cute Croco Bubble Machine
Create a colorful bubble world to keep your kids entertained!
The fast and continuous flow of the bubbles (500+), creating a bubbling ocean for your kids.
Really adorable baby Croco shape, much attractive to both kids and pets.
Lightweight and portable, perfect, and super cute for toddlers to hold in hand.
Made from safe, nature-friendly, and durable material, could last for years.
To ensure the best performance, make sure to refill a proper amount of bubble solution (the bubble solution should at least cover the whole loop of the lowest bubble wand(s).
To avoid leakage, please keep the bubble machine upright when there is a bubble solution.

Palm Size and Lightweight
The bubble blower is designed with lightweight material.
Your kids could easily hold the bubble toys in hand and happily carry it around. Perfect for kids at age of 1/2/3/4/5/6 years old.

High Quality and Safe Material
The bubble machine is made from durable ABS plastic and could withstand accidental knock-down.
The bubble solution included is also non-toxic and nature-friendly.

An Easier Way to Make Bubbles
Compared with the traditional bubble blower, WisToyz's automatic bubble maker will save you a lot of energy and blow numerous bubbles. Simply enjoy the bubbles made by the bubble toys!

Faster Speed and Lower Power Consumption
Instead of 4 AA batteries, this bubble machine only requires 2 AA batteries and could blow bubbles at a relatively fast speed.
The bubble toys are suitable for birthday parties, weddings, baby baths, picnics, BBQ, and many other events. Having a family bubble activity together will absolutely help strengthen family bonds.
Package List:
1 x Bubble Machine
1 x screwdriver
1 x 4 fl oz bubble Solution
Note:2 x AA Batteries are required (not included)


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  • Does this bubble machine need batteries and what kind of batteries is required?

    Yes , 2 AA batteries

  • How does the bubble machine perform? Does it work like a charm?

    Works great! No issues whatsoever.

  • Is the bubble toy fun?


  • Is the bubble toy easy to operate?

    Just pour the bubble solution into the mouth and put the switch on the “on” position.

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