WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball Set with 2 Goals JT833-Blue


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A blast in the room to play with!
New conception soccer toy for your kids to kill time in some bad weather. Kick the hover soccer ball around the house and get the laughs and exercise. With 2 goals attached, you can build a soccer or hockey field inside the house, and so many side games you can make up with it. This air soccer, powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), also has multi-colour LED lights built-in, which look great in the dark and add a level of playfulness.

A Soccer Disk That Glides On Any Smooth Surface
The fan inside produces a cushion of air so the disk hovers. Your child can kick it and your puppy can chase it around the house. It is totally a great idea for kids that they can get joy and exercise at the same time. And you can have peace of mind when kids are stuck inside because of bad weather.

Fantastic Toys For Boys and Girls
The fan inside produces a cushion of air so the indoor soccer ball hovers! This floating soccer ball works well on low-pile carpet, tiled floor, hardwood, and basement. The foam bumper serves as protection against hitting walls or furniture and creates a good rebound for hours of fun.

Entertainment and Exercise
Your kids and puppy can kick the hover soccer around the house and get entertainment and exercise. It must be a great choice that brings laughs to your whole family!

Two Goals For Various Games
This kid's soccer ball comes with 2 goals(23” x 12.6” x 12.6”). The assembling is very easy and takes you about a few minutes.
Need 4 Aa Batteries
This floating soccer ball is powered by 4 AA batteries. The cover is locked well, would not fall off while you kicking it.
More Fun With Led Light
The built-in LED flashlight is exciting for children and they will be attracted to repeat the blinking of the LED while kicking the hover soccer ball.
An Inflatable Ball
There is a little inflatable ball and pump included in this soccer set. Just inflate the ball with the pump and start playing with infinite fun. Perfect kids toys for 3,4,5,6,7,8-15-year-old boys and girls.


Ask a Question
  • Need a present for my very active and coordinated (he can overhand throw with accuracy!) cousin\'s kiddo! Is this age appropriate for a 2 year old?

    YES! if your 2 year old can move and kick then yes. My 2 year old love playing on it everyday.

  • I have a very thin carpet would it work?

    Probably not - it works best on hardwood floors during indoor use (we haven't taken it outside). We have a thin rug and a thick carpet and it slides somewhat on the rug but not predictable. Wouldn't count on it working on your rug.

  • How to assembly the goals and nets?

    Goal comes with yellow connectors as seen in picture. The net was tricky for me. I just unhooked each connector one at a time and wove the net edges through the goal pieces and reconnected.

  • Is this toy really fun? I have a boy age 8, wonder if he\'ll like it.

    yes, my wife and i play together with our 4 year old son. considering the covid-19, it’s really fun to do some indoor sport for the kids

  • Is this strong enough to survive if kids accidentally stand on them?

    Yes, for an average sized 10-year old.

  • Is there a trick to getting the battery compartment open?

    Turn the two white knobs to unlock and pull them out then push down on the clip in the middle to release