WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set

WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball Set With DIY Color Stickers (Blue,Green,Red) JT833-White


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WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball Set

Indoor and outdoor soccer for kids and toddlers
To make the soccer game more fun, three-color paper stickers are added to this hover soccer set. Kids can select and stick the color papers on the hover soccer ball to make it in different colors.

What colors can the hover soccer ball be?
1) Blue 2) Green 3) Red 4) Two colors mixed 5) Three colors mixed
Super slider technology - Glide smoothly on flat floors
Dancing Fancy LED lights - More attractive to kids and make the night game unlimited

Upgraded materials and motor - A quality product with reliable aftersale service
Soft foam bumper - No damage to the walls and furniture
Two goals & nets included - Perfect size for indoor.
Rubber soccer ball included - Play it on uneven ground.
Small screwdriver included - Open battery cover.

You can decide the color of your hover soccer ball to be blue, green, red, or multi-colors
The hover soccer ball set comes with paper stickers in three colors, blue, green, and red. The kids can choose one or more colors to decorate their hover soccer and change colors whenever they want. The DIY color stickers will add more fun to the soccer game as well as enhance kids’ hands-on ability. What’s more, it also makes the LED lights fancier in the dark.

Two goals & mini rubber soccer ball included indoor & outdoor soccer game by one set.
To increase the variety of indoor games, we add an inflatable ball and a little pump to the package. Just inflate the ball with the pump and start playing! The goals make the soccer game unlimited in the house. They are easy to assemble. We illustrate steps in detail, and once assembled, we are sure that your child will have a lot of fun with these soccer toys.


Ask a Question
  • How long do batteries last?

    Depends on how long your kids use it. Mine have used the hover soccer for 4 days and batteries are still good.

  • Is it difficult to assemble the goals with nets?

    Extreamly easy! The pieces just push together with little effort.

  • Is it suitable for boys aged 3?

    Yes! 100%